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Some customers may have Laptops with
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How do you manually remove the system disabled
password from your dell laptop?
To remove Dell Bios password manually: If you are  Computer
technicians with superior knowledge, open the laptop, and find the
24C02 on the motherboard,  and Short circuit the legs 3 and
6 during booting to reset the password,
 See picture attached,
This same chip is located in different position in different dell laptop
motherboards, Using a bent paperclip at an angle short circuit pins 3
and 6. when the
24c02 bios chip is not found you may also look
for chip 24c04 and 24c05
Short circuit during booting to clear the
password. only leg 3 and 6 should be used as shown on picture on
right ->
unlock dell hdd password error code
With the laptop turned off, position the bent
paper clip on the Bios chip proper legs, and
than turn on the laptop, this will cause a short
circuit in the Bios chip and reset the
Bypass Dell inpiron 1000 bios Password
When Short circuiting legs 3 and 6 fails, you may want to
try short circuit legs 4 and 5, additionally try jumping legs
3 an 7,  but do know this,
if you use this information you
are doing it at your own risk, it is dangerous, and you may
burn the motherboard, and we are not reponsable for
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